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I absolutely love the full lace wigs 20 in. So unbelievably soft, doesn't tangle easily. Works both straight and holds a nice loose curl. the only thing with mine is I am extremely fair complected and so the full lace wigs was much darker than my skin tone. I didnt write the seller and specify this, so I'm sure I am to blame for that. There will need to be some plucking on the human hair wigs to make it look more natural, but I would rather me pluck than someone else that may over pluck according to my hairline. Other than that I am very happy with my purchase and I am just making the color of the lace front wigs work as it is. Will be a repeat customer for sure. This brazilian hair uk was absolutely amazing. It came per-plucked. I did bleach the knots a little. But nothing other than that. The natural state of the hair after being washed is so natural and beautiful. I loved it so much my sister ended up but one the next day after seeing me in it. Here is a picture of both of us in the unit.